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Stamped Overlay and Concrete Restoration

1/4" stamped overlay, co-polymer, resin, activator, liquid activator, thin stamped overlay, stamped overlay, spray.

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Renew-Crete® Stamp Mix

The most advanced and easiest to use Stamped Overlay System on the market! Stamped Overlay     Concrete Restoration
Bond Coat A ready to use bond coat mix. Just add water for an exceptional bond! Under Construction
Spray Coat A ready to use one part bag mix, available in 30 standard colors.       
Patch-It An exceptional patching and leveling compound used for filling in low areas.
Re-Coat Re-Coat creates the look of new concrete for a less expensive price tag.
Matcrete® Stamp Tools

We offer the largest selection of high quality tool on the market. 

Stamped Concrete Tools
Crack Repair Proper crack repair is an essential part of stamped overlays. Here is what you will need.

Under Construction

Color Charts

Over 30 stock colors available. Only High Quality Consistent Products!

Colored Concrete

Concrete Resurfacing

Stamped Overlays

Terra Cotta

Silver Gray


Overlay Tools Most tools you will need for concrete restoration applications. Under Construction
Renew-Crete® Co-Polymers Renew-Crete®  Co-Polymer for all aspects of concrete restoration.  Liquid Polymer
Sealing High quality  Sealers, Thinners, Spray Units, and other accessories to make it shine! Concrete SealingAcid SprayerConstruction Sprayer
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