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 We never sell bad copies of good tools. You will find only Original high quality stamping tools here. Tools are sold individually or in sets, and as always, for a great price.

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Hot New Tools!: The  newest tools on the market, available only here!

UK Cobble

UK Slate

Slate Patterns:    All of our most popular slate patterns. 

Stone Patterns:  All of our most popular stone patterns. 

Brick Patterns:  All of our most popular brick patterns. 

Cobblestone:    All of our most popular Cobblestone patterns. 


Tile Patterns: This category also includes all Stale Tile patterns. 


Seamless Skins: Speed and beauty These are truly great to have. 

Fan Patterns:  All of our most popular fan patterns. 

Specialty Tools:  One of a kind tools such as Pacific Boardwalk, Texas Seashell, triple tools etc. 

Border & Circle:  All Circles, Soldier Course Tools, and radius soldier course tools. 


Hand Tools:  Joint Chisels, Joint Rollers, Impact Tools, Etc.  

Metal Tools:  Quality Aluminum Tools.

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